Discovering Curry

Made from a blend of several spices, curry is not just a spice. It includes around 70 different crushed and roasted spices. But did you know that curry is very useful in gastronomy? In this article, let's explore curry.

Uses of curry in your meal

By mixing several or less strong spices, the curry can be mild and very aromatic. Many common spices are often found in curry such as: ginger, cilantro, pepper, turmeric, chili, onion, cloves, cardamom and garlic. it is a quality and choice ingredient used in simple and original dishes based on meat, vegetables or fish. It comes in many forms including paste or powder. if you run out of culinary recipes based on curry; try the coconut chicken, Thai chicken thigh with red and coconut curry or even chicken curry. Some even use it in mayonnaise to make chicken sandwiches. surprising not the multiple uses made with curry.

Curry (main course)

The term curry can be used to refer to a dish which in general refers to dishes prepared in a sauce. There is a great variety. This dish has its origins in Indian gastronomy. its creation dates back to the eighteenth (18th) century. Already, we can start by distinguishing two categories of curries. Curries in a liquid state, containing proportions of sauce made from coconut milk and some skimmed products. and so-called solid curries, allow to evaporate to allow the other ingredients to be coated with the spice blend. Ah for our vegetarian friends, there are even entirely vegetarian or even vegan curries