For many reasons, many people follow a vegetarian diet. The vegetarian diet is very varied and has various advantages. But how can you avoid deficiencies when you are a vegetarian? in the rest of this article, find out how to balance your diet with the vegetarian diet.

Definition of vegetarian

Vegetarian comes from vegetarianism which is the eating practice that excludes the consumption of animal flesh. in fact, the vegetarian is that person who favors plants, mushrooms and foods of animal origin in his diet (bee products, eggs, milk, etc.). vegetarianism is often practiced for various reasons which are: respect for certain religious customs, preservation of biodiversity, refusal on principle of animal exploitation and many others. it appeared in the nineteenth (19th) century and was called abstinence at first and then xerophagia. Know that Pythagoras, famous philosopher and mathematician had fixed the vegetarian diet himself and was a precursor of vegetarianism.

Healthy vegetarian food

for a meal to be said to be a balanced meal, certain conditions must be met. Calories should be distributed so that there is: 12-14% protein (legumes, derived products and other alternatives to meatdairy products and eggs for vegetarians), 30 to 35% lipids (oilseeds, etc.) and 51 to 58% carbohydrates (fruits, buckwheat, cereals, etc.). Obtain fresh, organic and seasonal products. indeed, per day the vegetarian for his good health must consume: 6 to 12 portions of whole grains (bread and pasta), 3 to 5 portions of vegetables, 2 to 4 portions of fruit, 2 to 3 portions of pulses and dairy products as well as vegetable oils. he must balance his diet by diversifying the cuisine of new foods in order to avoid deficiencies.

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