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The MISSISSIPPI LIST is the “Bucket List for the Year” for Mississippi food and culture highlighting 201 of the best places to eat, stay and play in the state of Mississippi, launched in honor of Mississippi’s Bicentennial anniversary year in partnership with Visit Mississippi.

Our list was curated by our expert concierge team – the creators of Eat Jackson, Eat MS Coast and Eat Y’all – after receiving hundreds of reader survey responses sharing their favorite places to eat, stay and play across the state. It’s a list made by locals that highlights the very best of our state – right now.

Explore Mississippi’s flavor, soul and heritage as you navigate this web site and discover new adventures in each region of the state’s five regions. You’ll find flavors to suit every budget and taste from dives to fine dining and legacy restaurants to brand new names making a significant splash on our restaurant scene. From fresh seafood to farm fresh fare and pig ear sandwiches to Mississippi mud pie and award-winning celebrity chefs to Blues joint barbecue, our list won’t leave you hungry. To truly know Mississippi is to eat here.

To burn off you calories, we’ve compiled the best activities ranging from outdoor excursions to nightlife and from the beauty of art to the excitement of waterfront casino gambling.

The Blues plays the melody of our story, and will lull you to sleep at our interesting variety of must-stay lodging options, also included on the list – ranging from rural lodges to world class casinos.

Each of our recommendations comes with more information shown here on the site including address and how to contact the business for more information or to book a visit. You’ll also enjoy our in-depth reviews of featured listings on our blog where more photos and recommended menu items or other must-do’s are included along with other behind-the-scenes insights like chef interviews and scenes from our own adventures.

To log your adventures and to add to the fun, we’ve created a FREE downloadable “Bucket List” that you can download and print to help you plan – and log – your adventure across Mississippi this year. Plus, when you download the list, we’ll keep you in the loop on new tips throughout the year AND we’ll include you in the 2018 poll to help us create the next list… because nothing ever stays the same!

>> Download the 2017 Mississippi List Bucket List now.

The MISSISSIPPI LIST is a Mississippi adventurer’s “Bucket List for the year” featuring the best places to eat, stay and play in Mississippi, organized by region. Browse the Best Places in Mississippi blog to discover new adventures, and then download your own printable 2017 Mississippi Bucket List and enter to win our latest Mississippi giveaway. Don’t forget to follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram, too.

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